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3d Ultrasound
X-Ray Results
Doctor Operating CT Scanner
CT Scan Service
CT Scan

Due to COVID-19, GHI

will have limited hours.

CT Scans from $305*

No Referral Required/Radiologist Report Included/Multi-Scan Packages Available

* Prices Applicable to Self-Pay, Non-Contrast Patients Only 

STAT exams are available with a 2-hour turnaround. 

For Your Convenience:


Affordable, Patient Centered, and Friendly Diagnostic Imaging Services

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Don't over pay at hospitals or centers focused on billing high for your medical needs. At Georgia Health Imaging, our goal is to offer the most affordable and best quality MRIs in the city.


GHI is accredited by the American College of Radiology, an independent organization that guarantees our doctors, radiology specialists, technicians, and equipment are the up to the best standards in the market.        

We offer discounted self-pay rates in addition to accepting the majority of insurances, private and government. 

Our bottom line is to get the patient the best price - that includes offering payment plans and comparisons between insurance and self-pay rates. Since everyone's insurance is different, we make sure we offer you options for the lowest rate to ensure YOU get to choose which is best for you. 

Digital Exams On CD
Same-Day Appointments
Personalized Service
Reports In 24 Hours
Fellowship-Trained Doctors
Different Payment Options

STAT and Comparative exams are available upon request and additional fees. 

Contact us to schedule your appointment or for any questions you may have.


At Georgia Health Imaging, we understand that diagnostic exams can be expensive and for ease of mind, you may want to have certain areas of the body examined. That's why we have introduced our specialized MRI and CT packages. 


We have set these up to ensure that you are able to get the most comprehensive and relevant exams done at a discounted rate. We want to make sure we help you get the information you need to better your health. 

Call Us Today To Schedule Your Exams! 



Whole Spine Package



Brain and Spine Package

Whole Body


Whole Spine Package

Abdomen and Pelvis

Brain and Spine Package

Whole Body



Mary B.

Exceptional customer service. Very unlike a hospital situation. Personable and caring ladies took excellent care of from the 1st phone call till the end of the testing. Much better than going to a hospital for the same test. Kind and compassionate individuals - the kind of people one would wish for as neighbors. Thank you all. 


Robin G.

A recent health scare lead me to Georgia Health Imaging. At 65, I have been to many large hospitals and small clinics and I know you can never tell what kind of service you'll get. For my appointment at GHI, I was running late and did not have any way of contact them to let them know. I was very distressed when I finally made it because my exam was urgent. Even though it was my fault, the entire clinic, from the receptionist to the techs, were highly accommodating and worked hard to fit me in within 20 minutes of my arrival, even though I was very late to my appointment. Some clinics are annoyed at you and make it known. Believe me, its a rare occasion when they are so kind and helpful. The service was outstanding and my doctor was pleased with the quality of the exam. For my next diagnostic exam, I am only going to Georgia Health Imaging. 


The staff at Georgia Health Imaging is awesome! Absolutely the best! I needed to get an ultrasound done at 36 weeks and didn't have health insurance and they were able to do it at a great price. They even cater to international visitors who don't qualify for medicaid, which scores major points with me! I was reassured that my baby was in great health and got pics of every part of him on CD. Everyone there is so friendly and professional. I would recommend going there for all of your imaging needs!

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